1st July 2022 

Offering Individuals and Organisations External Supervision

The work place can be a challenging and demanding place. It can become an environment that is unproductive and damagingly stressful when individuals don’t receive necessary levels of personal support.

External Supervision offers an effective way of meeting these requirements.

Who Are Phoenix Professional?

Phoenix Professional is part of Phoenix Counselling Services (PCG), a not for profit organisation. PCS is the parent body of the respected Palace Gate Counselling Service, a service first established in 1994. Those you work with will all be trained counsellors who are all:

  • professionally qualified with a wide range of working backgrounds
  • practised in dealing with personal issues on a one-to-one basis

    Workplace support. Pheonix Rising

  • External Supervision offers the opportunity to:

    Talk through pressing issues with an objective professional, who stands outside of your organisation.
    Be heard in an environment that is safe and confidential.
    Gain fresh insights into challenging workplace situations.
    Develop individual ways of dealing with issues.
    Identify and take control of your own personal learning agenda.

    What would External Supervision be like for me?

    You meet, one-to-one, with an independent external professional.
    The meeting happens away from your place of work.
    The frequency and duration of each session is set by you to meet your own requirements.
    You set the agenda, allowing you to talk through what is most pressing, in an atmosphere which is supportive, challenging and positive.
    You work with a qualified and experienced professional, who is committed to a strong ethical code of practice.

    Who Uses External Supervision?

    Anyone whose work includes:

  • personally managing relationships
  • decisions whose outcomes significantly affect other people
  • This can include:
  • Health Care & Medicine
  • Social Work
  • Support and Care Work
  • Teaching and Guidance
  • Legal, Advocacy and Advice Work
  • Personnel and Occupational Health
  • Childcare
  • Community work
  • Your kind of work

  • What Do I Do Next?

    To find out more about Phoenix Professional and what External Supervision can offer you or your organisation just phone
    01392 205804
    or email: pgcsexeter@gmail.com